What is Infinite Series and why does it matter?

company infinite series Sep 07, 2020

What is Infinite Series?

I created Infinite Series teaches the latest industry skills in product management, user growth, storytelling, leadership, metrics and more. I’m a a Senior Product Lead @ Google and you can find a bit more about me here and on LinkedIn.

Whether you are just considering becoming a product manager, actively transitioning from engineering, marketing or growth roles, or even if you have years of experience as a PM - our courses will make you and your team more productive, accelerate your career, make your product more effective and enable you to deliver what your users want. Completing the courses offered here, will help you learn what it takes to innovate, build and ship great products with real and practical material based on real use cases from senior leaders in the product space.

The real goal here is to pass on the knowledge that I’ve learnt from being a PM who didn’t start out in this role, who was located in Australia far from Silicon Valley. I’m now a Senior Product Leader at Google Brain in Silicon Valley leading product for Machine Learning Infrastructure for TensorFlow and Google managing a team of PMs. I’ve been an entrepreneur through my own high growth startup, raised millions of dollars, succeeded and got lucky a little, failed a lot and helped scale products at Google to billions of users across shopping, ads and machine learning infrastructure like TensorFlow, MLIR and more.

My goal is really to empower you to have a better product environment than what you have today, and teach you leading skills to get there. There is an enormous amount of content conveyed in these courses from more than a decade of experience as a product manager, from both my time in startups all the way to leading large teams of PMs and Engineers at Google. Hopefully, together we can learn, by imparting knowledge and empowering anyone wanting to learn more about product management and what a more disciplined approach looks like. 

If you can find out a lot more details in our Frequently Asked Questions page or you can contact us any time directly via [email protected].

What courses are on offer?

\We currently have 2 courses in our Self Paced Series alongside 4 in our Instructor Led Series: Product Management I, Product Management II, Making the PM Transition and PM Leadership & Growth. All the details are on the Courses page and here is a summary:

Self-paced Series

Instructor Led Series

The self-paced series provides high quality video based instruction and offers insight into Infinite Series, a deep dive into product management and a preview of the type of content to expect in the Instructor Series. All Instructor Led courses are a mix of high quality video instruction, alongside weekly lectures with practical content, designed for you to up skill your product management career.

Sounds great - what's next?

If you are new to product management, the self-paced series of courses provide higher level overviews of topics and enable easy consumption of material. They also offer detailed insight into what a PM is expected to do and how to build up product knowledge. It's more economical, and a better experience for you, to try our self-paced series to ensure you like the content and tooling. Our free course is the obvious easiest place to start and also provides access to a growing network of product managers from around the world.

Once completed, you could then apply for a instructor led course seat. Taking or not taking this course wouldn't affect your instructor led course application. We offer alumni discounts if you start with self-paced and are accepted into an instructor led course.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint

This is going to be a long journey and has already required a lot of work to get started. Teaching is something that is infinitely compounding and I’ve always believed that education - as a construct - is the one true compounding growth investment you'll make. The fact that education is so grossly overpriced needs to be fixed and I’m hoping this course helps that in a small way and that your employer can help pay for it. I spent way too long at University, and equally as long paying for it, and I strongly believe I learnt more by doing than I have ever sitting in a classroom all those years and paying for it. This isn’t to suggest you shouldn't get a college or formal education - more that there needs to be a better approach to the marketplace dynamics of the system between students, educators and employers.

So sign up - get 2+ hours of free content and then decide what's next for you. Feedback is always welcome directly to [email protected]

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