What is Infinite Series and why does it matter?

company infinite series Sep 07, 2020

What is Infinite Series?

I created Infinite Series teaches the latest industry skills in product management, user growth, storytelling, leadership, metrics and more. I’m a a Senior Product Lead @ Google and you can find a bit more about me here and on LinkedIn.

Whether you are just considering becoming a product manager, actively transitioning from engineering, marketing or growth roles, or even if you have years of experience as a PM - our courses will make you and your team more productive, accelerate your career, make your product more effective and enable you to deliver what your users want. Completing the courses offered here, will help you learn what it takes to innovate, build and ship great products with real and practical material based on real use cases from senior leaders in the product space.

The real goal here is to pass on the knowledge that I’ve learnt from being a PM who didn’t start out in this role, who was located in Australia far from Silicon...

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