What is a product?

definition product Feb 15, 2021

You have to know what it is you are building, in order to actually go ahead and solve a users problem. A product is exactly that - whatever thing that manifests itself into an item or service that you are providing to meet the want or need of a user. You need to build what people want and you need to deeply empathize with the pain that your users are going through. Practically speaking, you also need to be able to find a market large enough to accommodate a real business but we will about that later in product market fit (PMF).

As an anecdote, this is typically why - most founders of high growth startups - start with something that they themselves care about. It’s important to separate things you care about, from those that you are passionate about as Ben Horowitz points outs in this speech. Regardless, in technology, products are, in my opinion, typically divided into 4 separate and distinct buckets - consumer, enterprise, developer and hardware.

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