Tips on your First 28 days as a Product Manager in a New Role

product management Feb 16, 2021

You just joined a new team as a product manager and you’re super excited about the role. Now you are wondering - what in the world should I do in my first 28 days - that's just 4 weeks!?

Here is a list from my perspective, and what I guide my folks on my team at Google to try and think about it. This is obviously a big list, and if you’re company has an extensive onboarding process that doesn’t really allow you to interact with your team that much when you first join - you should take the thoughts below from the point of view that you’ve finished that.

Get to know your team

  1. Understand and set the expectations with your manager

  • Ensure that you have the right expectations setup from the outset about what your role is, and what is expected of you from your manager.

  • Ask them what they want you to achieve in the next 28 days and note that down.

  • Make sure to share a document with your manager that has a running sheet of your weekly 1:1s, this...

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What is a Product Manager?


One of the most frequent questions that I am asked as a product manager - is what exactly do I do. In our 2+ hours of free lessons, you can find out exactly what a Product Manager is as I define it. In this post, I provide a sneak peak into the type of content that our courses deliver and how you should expect the format to be delivered. This course content is free, and you can sign up right now to find out the rest of how I think about product - start here now.

Slide 1

OK this first course is going to be a big one - so strap yourself in and lets do this. This content should be totally useful for new, and serve as a refresher for existing PMs, again, I’d love your feedback on everything you see here, please do that in the forum or via [email protected]

Slide 2

So, what is a PM?

Slide 3

The traditional thinking of what is a PM was really created in a diagram around 10 years ago by Mindtheproduct

Slide 4

It looks something like this. A broad scale interaction between...

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Introduction to Product Management

Product Management is a discipline that requires a broad and encompassing skillset. In my free course, I describe exactly what is needed to be a product manager after having been a PM for more than 10+ years and leading product teams at startups and at Google in Ads, Machine Learning Frameworks and infrastructure.

Product managers are fundamentally responsible for the success of a product. They have to operate with a high degree of autonomy, and utilize a large range of skills in order to be successful. It is not purely engineering, nor it is purely management or design - it's an intersection of all of these areas that make product managers successful at their craft. Product managers must ensure that not only is there a vision, strategy and roadmap for their product - a process we refer to ask the VSR cycle (Vision, Strategy, Roadmap Cycle) - they must also drive the execution and prioritization process 

Product Managers are now a modern component of all leading technology...

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