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Your company can support your Career Advancement goals.

Don't feel you have to pay for it all

We've helped many of our students get reimbursed for their learning directly from their employers. You don't need to pay for all our courses by yourself.

Our live courses cost $2,995 and our self-paced courses range from $195 upwards.

This can be a significant investment for many, and we want to empower you to be successful in advancing your learning and your career goals.

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Discuss Career Goals

One of the most critical ways to get sponsored by your employer, is to discuss what your career goals are.

Join with your Team

Getting a team mate or colleague to join with you when you take one of our courses will enable you to also pitch together.

Develop a Plan

Writing down a career plan, and how these courses are going to help you become successful is critical to success.

Pitching your Company

Every employers programs are different, and so are the total amount of reimbursement that they will provide you. The most critical components to getting a reimbursement we've seen are listed below.

Career Goals & Plan

Make sure you are having regular career meetings with your manager - you should bring up your goals and how Infinite Series will help you get there.

Understand the Budget

Any successful pitch is only going to be relevant if you understand your companies reimbursement or conference budget. Find out what that is.

Tell a Compelling Story

Just like Product Management, you need to paint a clear picture of why our courses will help you empower yourself, your team and product forward.

Detail Course Content

Provide your manager or leader links to the content that will be covered, and how you believe it will help you achieve career success.

Showcase Course Leaders

Illustrate that content at Infinite Series is developed by leaders at Google. You will have world class instruction in Product Management.

Enlist a Colleague

It's always easier to convince your employer if there is more than one person asking. Get a team mate or colleague to join with you and you'll get a discount.

Set a Meeting Date

Book a specific meeting date with your manager or HR leader to discuss employer support for one of our programs. Book the date now - it will motivate you.

Show Commitment

Detail to your manager that an investment in you will help empower yourself, your team and your company to execute faster with better product outcomes.

Got Questions?

Get more insight into the common questions about reimbursement.

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Example Pitch Templates

Here's some example pitch templates that have worked well at many of the people who have taken our courses.

Product Management Foundations

Use this template for our self-paced Product Management Foundational course.

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Product Management I

Use this template for our live lectured  Product Management II course.

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Product Management II

Use this template for our live lectured Product Management II course.

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Common Questions

Here's some common questions we get asked about achieving success with reimbursements from your employer.

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