Product Management I

A comprehensive deep dive into product management.

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Grow and build your product management career

This course will teach you how to approach product management like leaders at the best technology companies in the world. Learn battle tested strategies, how to drive real product execution and become a true product leader in your team and company.

No MBA will give you anywhere close to the same level of industry knowledge.

Taken across a series of weekly self-paced videos with a live lecture - you will learn how product leaders at the best companies in the world operate, execute and drive their products packed into just 6 weeks.

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Product Process

A detailed walk through of the critical elements of the product process.

Innovate, Ship, Review

Critical cycles to get right. We'll walk  through how to do it effectively over and over.

Product Cycles

Learn about managing the product cycle, and identify product market fit.



Tim is the Founder of Infinite Series and a Product Lead at Google Brain working on TensorFlow, ML Infrastructure & Next generation projects. Prior, he has led teams across Ads and Shopping at Google and before that an entrepreneur and startup founder.



Attend weekly live lectures for 6 weeks that will go for 1-2 hours and discuss the material, go through real case examples that enable you to command and implement the content in your own work environment.

Self-paced & live discussion

Full recorded sessions with rich video, slides & text transcripts. Full support in discussion forum for content.

Active Community Discussion

Get access to the our forum to ask questions and collaborate with a  global community.

Multiple Courses

Build and layer your knowledge as you take Foundations, PM I, PM II, Making the Transition and PM Leadership & Growth.

Course Content

This course covers product process, startup journey, leading sprints, understanding the user, effective storytelling, VSR cycles and a starter to metrics and growth.

Paid Course - Application required. Limited Seats. 
Live lectures & self-paced videos on mobile & web. 
0-3+ years of experience.
Starts April 2021.

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Understanding the user

Understand how to discover what users want, how to quickly innovate, test and prototype ideas.

Effective Storytelling

Gain insight into how to effectively communicate to your users, team, executives and for your product.

Startup Journey

A startup deep dive from the ground up including the journey, raising funding & scaling.

Product Cycles

Learn how to effectively run cycles for both engineering and design teams.

Product Process

A detailed walk through of the critical elements of the product process.

VSR Deep Dive

Walk through practical use cases on developing a vision, a strategy and a roadmap.

Innovate, Ship, Review

There are critical cycles to get right and we'll walk through how to do it effectively over and over.

Metrics & Growth

Learn critical metrics and initial growth techniques to build a better product & deliver success.

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Who is this course for?

Product Management I is targeted towards new and existing PMs, engineers, designers, data scientists and marketers with technology industry experience.

3+ Years of Industry Experience

Our live course content moves very quickly. We assume you have at least a few years of professional experience in an industry.

A Growth Mindset

There is a lot of content and you will need to commit to a rigorous weekly schedule for 6 weeks and allocate at least 4-6 hours per week for study.

Active participant

You will get more if you use our global community to actively discuss the content and improve your knowledge in our forum.

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Common Questions

Self-paced series of courses do not have any limit on seats. 
Instructor Led courses do have a strictly limited number of seats.

Any application we receive is queued in a first in, first out (FIFO) order as soon as it's submitted. We try to review all applications within a few business days. If successful, you will be invited to the course by email.

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