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Introduction to PM & Infinite Series

Senior Google Brain PM Lead, Tim Davis, takes you on an introductory journey of what it takes to become a PM. Learn more about Infinite Series and get 2+ hours of free content.

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What is a PM?

Think you know what a product manager is? Learn what it takes and their different roles.

You're not the CEO

Lead without authority, influence your peers and learn how to push a product forward.

3 Pillars of PM

Get educated on the 3 pillars of being a PM and learn how to weld them to your advantage.

PM Set at their Level

Gain insight into how your PM experience and level changes your responsibilities.

Becoming a PM

How do you become a PM? Gain insight on the transition you need to make.

Career Backgrounds

Learn about the journey to PM and how non-traditional backgrounds work.

Course Benefits

Get a better understanding of how you can use this course to succeed as a PM.

Full Course Details

Get a deeper understanding of the full courses and what workload to expect.

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Product Management Foundations

Take a journey, or get a recap, into the foundational components of being a PM in this self-paced video series. More than 5+ hours of video content to consume governing a wide range of content useful for new and experienced PMs alike. This course provides a high level overview of many topics covered deeply in the live courses.

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Self-paced videos on mobile & web.
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VSR Cycles

Vision, strategy and roadmaps are critical to get right. Make them effective.


All PMs have to execute effectively. Learn execution failings & successes.

What PMs should do

Ensure you know what to spend your time on, and what not to spend it on.

Success & Failure

Learn about Team success and failures and identify common points throughout.

Better Leadership

Learn how to become a better leader across your team, product and company.

Getting Hired as a PM

Get introductory insight into what it takes to get hired as a PM to leading companies.

Types & Levels

Understand the types of Products, different types of PMs and PM Levels.

Product Cycles & PMF

Learn about managing the product cycle, and identify product market fit.

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MBA's won't give you the level of access or knowledge that you will receive from Infinite Series courses. Learn from industry practitioners, their experiences and real use cases.



Tim is the Founder and CEO of Infinite Series and a Product Lead at Google Brain working on TensorFlow, ML Infrastructure & Next generation projects. Prior, he has led teams across Ads and Shopping at Google and before that an entrepreneur and startup founder.